Fiscal Responsibility

Many residents are faced with serious economic challenges due to the high cost of living in Suffolk County. As former Co-Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee and in the face of this reality, Legislator Anker remains focused on holding the line on government spending, stabilizing government services, and working toward continued economic growth of Long Island. In 2011, the County Executive Fiscal Board announced Suffolk County had a $500 million deficit. The deficit was reduced. In 2013, the Legislative Office of Budget Review predicted a $3.5 million deficit. For more information about Legislator Anker's fiscal priorities, click here.

Securing Our Future

Legislator Anker prioritizes keeping our economy strong and making Suffolk County affordable for families. Many young adults find it difficult to stay on Long Island and raise a family due to the lack of housing and job opportunities. In a recent report by Community Housing Innovation, the organization stated that the young adult workforce on Long Island is in a demographic collapse, with the population between ages 25 to 34 have declined in Suffolk County by 12.74%. To find out more about what Legislator Anker is doing to stimulate the economy, click here.

Fighting the Drug Epidemic

Legislator Sarah Anker supports drug and substance abuse awareness initiatives that incorporate education and prevention awareness and long-term rehabilitation programs. By working with local advocates, police, and school districts, Legislator Anker seeks to incorporate community and legislative action to keep our kids safe and away from drugs. Recently, by working with the Suffolk County Police Department and North Shore Youth Council, Legislator Anker created a pilot program for family counseling within schools. For more information about Sarah's drug and substance abuse awareness efforts, click here.


Rails to Trails

The Rails to Trails project continues to move forward after sitting idle for over ten years. The proposed 10-mile bike and jogging path will provide a safe place for residents to walk, jog and bike.  Throughout the trail’s design, public outreach has provided residents with opportunities to gauge interest and share concerns.  The Rails to Trails project creates a green transportation alternative that will help facilitate economic development, reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, and encourage healthier lifestyles. To view Legislator Anker's statement on the Rails to Trails project, click here.

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Protecting Our Health and Environment

Since being elected in 2011, Legislator Anker has supported the preservation of thousands of acres of open space. She advocates for remediation of toxic sites as well as education programs to encourage residents to “Go Green” by recycling, to use less toxic chemicals and to be stewards of our environment. For an overview of Legislator Anker's environmental projects and initiatives, click here.

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Supporting Our Veterans and Protecting Our Seniors

As Chairwoman of the Seniors and Consumer Protection Committee and Vice Chairwoman of the Veterans Committee, Legislator Anker understand how important it is to support and protect our veterans and our seniors. Legislator Anker understand that it has become more and more expensive to live in Suffolk County, and she hopes to find ways to cut costs for residents by saving on energy and housing. For more information, click here.

Partnering With Organizations for Support and Advocacy

In order to maintain healthy, safe, and culture-rich communities for children and families, Legislator Anker works with county departments, not-for-profit organizations, and advocacy groups to develop and array of programs and offer support where possible. She has helped develop multiple community watch programs throughout he district, she has secured finding for different historical and educational groups, and continues to work to improve quality of life in District 6. For more information about local partnerships and community advocacy, click here.

Quality of Life

Since taking office in 2011, Legislator Anker has made quality of life a top priority. The 6th district consists of residential communities, local businesses, and parkland, with limited commercial and industrial areas. She is currently working with the community to facilitate many projects including Rails to Trails, the Tesla Museum, and the Revitalization of Rocky Point, Coram, and Middle Island. For more information about how Legislator Anker is protecting the character of our community, while keeping families safe, please click here.

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