Testimonials in Support of Legislator Sarah Anker:

Legislator Sarah Anker has worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of our community members. She was instrumental in the establishment of a crossing guard at the intersection of 25A and Miller Place Rd. to help our students safely cross before and after school. She has also been proactive with Narcan trainings to help our community be better equipped to recognize and prevent overdose deaths. Legislator Anker has been at the forefront of another issue that is near and dear to my heart; open space preservation. She collaborated with the town in a recent purchase of land near Cordwood Park and is constantly looking for ways to protect our natural resources for future generations. In all of these ways, she has proven herself to be a strong advocate for our community.
— Noelle Dunlop, Miller Place
I have been a registered Republican for over 20 years but Sarah Anker has my vote because she puts political parties aside and cares about my community.
— Richard Urbancik, Middle Island
I’ve heard Sarah Anker speak in small meetings, at community events and at political events; I’ve witnessed her grace under pressure - her ability to manage stressful situations and to maintain purposeful focus and positive outlook under stress. Sarah’s understanding of the issues facing Suffolk County is impressive, she is knowledgeable and thoughtful, and she is focused on serving her constituents. I am grateful that Sarah represents this community; I support Sarah Anker for re-election to Suffolk County’s 6th Legislative District.
— Judith Black, Shoreham
I met Sarah when she first founded her nonprofit organization, Community Health and Environment Coalition, working to find out the cause of cancer clusters on our north shore. She cares in a way that most people don’t. This is the difference between Sarah and all the others who run for political positions. Most running have their own agenda to benefit themselves. Sarah is a genuine person with an honest heart who runs for office for the benefit of her constituents. We cannot afford NOT to have Sarah Anker as our Legislator. She is one of the few, if not the only, honest, caring, and decent person today running for office.
— Lorraine Petrucci, Rocky Point
Sarah Anker is the strong environmental advocate that we need on the Suffolk County Legislature. She is dedicated to preserving our open space and protecting our drinking water and local water bodies. In addition, she has advocated to find an environmentally-friendly alternative to methoprene, as methoprene negatively affects our wetland ecosystems. She has a proven track record on environmental issues and will continue to fight for Long Island’s environmental protection.
— The Sierra Club
I support the re-election of Suffolk County Legislator, Sarah Anker, because I believe that she is a true friend to public education. I am an educator, and I know that Sarah works hard to support schools and especially quality public education for students. She has served as the chair of the Education Committee of the Suffolk County Legislature and she has implemented the “SAVE” program to install panic button alarms in schools to provide immediate notification to the police in the event of a school-based emergency. She also formed the Jobs Opportunity Board with the goal of exploring new economic opportunities in Suffolk County. In addition, Sarah is strongly opposed to and will vote against the New York State Constitution Convention which could potentially devastate and drastically change many aspects of public education in New York State.
— Nancy Ellis, Miller Place
Sarah has been a great supporter of the Coram Fire Department and the Coram community as a whole. She has been a longtime Suffolk County resident. She knows the people and the community and has only the best intentions to serve us. Sarah is well respected by her peers and the people of Suffolk County. On behalf of my fellow fire commissioners, chief officers and all the firefighter, we cannot thank Sarah enough for all the guidance and support she has given our community over the years. With proud enthusiasm, I support Sarah Anker for the 6th Legislative District of Suffolk.
— Van Johnson, Commissioner, Coram Fire Department
Sarah Anker has gone above and beyond in helping our non-profit organization in its work here on Long Island. From its inception, she has been encouraging and supportive in every way possible. She has offered guidance and helped us with her vast knowledge, experience and connections in the community. Sarah is an active participant in our events and has taken time out of her busy schedule to attend support meetings to better understand the cause. She works tirelessly and selflessly to advocate for the people and organizations in our community and we are extremely grateful for all that she does.
— Stephanie Mendelson and Priscilla Arena, Co-founders, SASI (Suffolk Aspergers/Autism Support & Information)
I wanted to take the time to thank Sarah for always supporting the adventures of the Equity First foundation. As you know, we are a growing grassroots not-for-profit that relies on advice, direction and support from local government. I am so pleased that she has taken the time from her busy schedule to support Holiday Dream, the Angel Awards and other events that my organization has held. It is wonderful to be able to count on her.
— Rhonda Klch, Executive Director, Equity First Foundation